Like the first two Fallout games, the characters use the SPECIAL stats. Those stand for:


A starting character gets a total of 40 points to divide among these stats, which range from 1-10. Some Traits can modify the starting SPECIAL stats, and they can also be raised by taking the Intensive Training Perk (if eligible).

A number of Secondary statistics are based off of the SPECIAL stats, and can also be modified by Traits or Perks. The Secondary stats are:

  • Action Points (equal to (AGI/2)+5) – determines actions that can be taken in combat
  • Carry Weight (equal to (STR+1)x25 pounds) – the amount of equipment a PC can carry
  • Melee Damage (equal to STR-4, with a minimum of 1) – added to all Unarmed or Melee attacks
  • Sequence (equal to PER+PER) – determines the order of combat
  • Healing Rate (equal to END/3) – how many HP a character heals each hour of resting
  • Poison Resistance (equal to END x5) – percentage chance to avoid taking damage from poison
  • Radiation Resistance (equal to END x2) – percentage of radiation avoided when wandering the wastes
  • Critical Chance (equal to LUC) – chance to cause a critical hit in combat
  • Starting HP (equal to 15+END+END+STR) and HP per Level (equal to 3+(END/2)
  • Armor Class (equal to AGI)
  • Skill Points per Level (equal to 5+INT+INT)

A ‘default’ Critical Chance equal to the Luck stat is in place for any given non-combat skill roll, with effects generally superior to a regular skill roll. A critical success on a Medicine roll would heal extra Hit Points; a critical success on a Mechanics roll would result in a created or repaired weapon with a small damage bonus; other results are possible depending on the purpose for the roll in question.

A character’s appearance is generally left up to the player when they create the PC, and does not cause any changes to statistics. For Vault 67, all starting PCs are descended from human Vault dwellers, and must therefore be human.

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