As with the first two Fallout games, a PC is allowed to have up to two Traits at character creation. Traits are completely optional, and a PC is not required to have any at all. The Traits for Vault 67 largely mirror the ones available for Fallout 2. Some small modifications have been made to Good Natured, Skilled, and Gifted.

Fast Metabolism – +2 to Healing Rate, but Poison and Radiation Resistance start at 0%.

Bruiser – +2 to Strength, -2 to Action Points.

Small Frame – +1 to Agility, -25 lbs Carry Weight.

One Hander – +20% to hit with one-handed weapons, -40% to hit with two-handed weapons.

Finesse – +10% Critical Chance, -25% Damage (after armor is figured).

Kamikaze – +5 Sequence, AC starts at 0 (instead of =AGI).

Heavy Handed – +4 Melee Damage, -25 on Critical Hit table (to minimum of 1).

Fast Shot – -1 AP for all ranged weapons, no targeted shots.

Good Natured – +10% to Electronics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Speech, Barter, Medicine; -10% to Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Guns, Unarmed, Melee, Explosives.

Jinxed – everyone within 100 yards has the crit chance increased from 98-100 to 96-100, and a +10 on the critical failure table (max 100).

Chem Reliant – double addiction chance, half recovery time.

Chem Resistant – half chem effects/time, half addiction chance.

Night Person – +1 INT +1 PER from 6pm-6am, -1 INT -1 PER from 6am-6pm.

Skilled – +10 to starting skills, +5 skill points per level, perks every 3 levels (instead of every 2).

Gifted – +5 SPECIAL pointsto start, -10 to starting skills, -5 skill points per level.

Sex Appeal – +20% Speech and Barter to opposite sex, +1 CHA to reaction to opposite sex, -20% Speech and Barter to same sex, -1 CHA to reaction to same sex.

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