War. War never changes.

In the late twenty-first century, mankind finally ran out of room. As the steady pace of technology progressed, people began living longer and healthier, surviving and wiping out diseases that once killed millions. Advances in manufacturing, chemical production, helped everyone product more with the resources they had available. But even these advances were not enough to help humanity keep pace with its own growth.

So history began to repeat itself. Whenever people have been forced to make do with less, they instinctively turn towards their neighbors, seeking through plunder to extend their own resources just that little bit longer. Looting and robberies started to rise, terrorists from dozens of countries attacked each other, and even the calmest and most civilized nations were forced to turn to armed force to quell the rebellions in their midst. As tempers flared, some seized the opportunity, riding to power by preaching hatred against an enemy that existed only in their minds.

When the first nuclear missiles were launched, the entire world dissolved into a chaotic swarm of robbers and criminals, every person interested solely in seizing what little they could before life, as they knew it, was brought to a blazing halt. Your grandparents, those rich enough to build themselves a haven, barely escaped the riots in Atlanta, fleeing to the underground Vault protected by a small army of hired thugs, while the poor and downtrodden tried to enact vengeance on them for the sorry state of the world.

Those events left the Vault dwellers so scarred that when the all-clear signal sounded, ten years later, they all elected to stay in the Vault, waiting for further contact with the central command before risking their lives to the wastelands. And as the years slipped past, and only silence was heard, thoughts of the outside faded away, content to live in their self contained paradise and forget the awful past.

But the rest of the world has not forgotten you. And hatred has a legacy all its own.


This campaign takes place in 2117, following the denizens of Vault 67, buried beneath the city of Rome, Georgia. Vault 67 chose not to open the door and emerge when Vault-Tec sent them the all clear signal, but let’s face it – nothing stays locked up forever.

The game will use my modifications and house rules to the Fallout PnP 2.0 rules released on No Mutants Allowed. Links and rules explanations will be posted as I get around to it. Expect sporadic uploads due to active duty military requirements.

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Fallout: Vault 67